Thursday, May 1, 2008

Food Trip

Note: It is just politically correct to title this posting as food trip. The foods I ate on my trip.


The best time to eat ramen is when you’re hungry. I don’t know if it is an old Chinese adage or just a line I heard in the movies. Needless to say it’s all true. The blue marlin sinigang, sea food chopsuey and itlog alat we ordered at Tikoy’s grill in Palao, Iligan City, were consumed voraciously in shortest time imaginable. An extra rice is on standby to avoid time delay. If it’s a contest we could have been the runaway winners. But no, it’s just a meal after trekking Tinago falls which I think, drained half of my body fluids.   In fairness, the viands were delectably delicious and I am not judging it on my gluttonous times but on savoring foods between my teeth and tongue.  Tikoy’s a gem and a ‘recommend’ finest diners in the City. See the aftermath picture below.
Where can you see an authentic Maranao delicacy but on a Maranao restaurant: this may sounds logical but it is a hard find in MSU Marawi commercial center. I guess teens now a days dig on diners which serve varieties. Every thing here was spicy except for the rice which that time, according to the attendant, they failed to make spicy. The selections on the menu were almost fish and chicken. Vegetable was disappointingly absent.
We were served with ginataang tilapia (I failed to ask if it’s a catch from Lanao lake), boiled chicken dressed in yellow Dulaw (this I believe from locally grown plant with resemblance to ginger) , powdered Palapa (made of grated dried coconut meat and spices) and chicken wings which was colored red by ketchup or a hot sauce perhaps. No glam attached here because this was just a humble restaurant which I appreciate dearly in its effort (which the owner maybe unaware of) on retaining very appetizing Maranao cuisine. The ordered 2 (two) more cups of rice were for the sumptuous meal and the very cold soda was for my burning mouth. Now, that to me is variety.


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