Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Daisy's souvenir

Just outside Ardent Hot Spring Resort lined souvenir shops of Camiguin Island items. The rain didn’t stop me from visiting the shops even if most of it were close and only one at the far end was open for business. As expected there were T-shirts with big prints of the island, burloloys, keychains, figurines, malongs and shoals were on display. I purchased a grey shirt and an orange painted wooden turtle keychain, all in less than Php 100 (how’s that for budget spending). The attendant offered if I wanted the keychain to be printed with my name on it. I said yes with out hesitation. The workplace where it is to be printed was just a stone throw away. It’s where I met the owner of the souvenir shop, the motherly but very candid, Nang Daisy. I requested for a photo opt which she gamingly participated in. While waiting for the guy (which I briefly instructed on operating my digital camera) to figure the click button, I stroke a conversation to Daisy which I regretted later.


Side by side I asked “ anak nimo?”  (your son?) obviously referring to the guy taking the picture. I got a plain reply “ asawa nako na” (that’s my husband). It caught me unguarded. I just said sorry. I didn't know why I’m so apologetic. She added proudly “25 years old pa na siya” (he’s just 25 years old). By now she must have been used to strangers’ comments. The camera flashed but I still grinned sheepishly until I left the place.

Nang daisy’s craftsman on the spot printing my name.


I only bought the turtle keychain but she gave me more for free. A stone from mount hibok hibok which was polished and varnished - used as paper weight; a shell which she served as her business card (for this case a business shell); and another rounded keychain made of coconut shell.


At the background were air dried items after being varnished. The hanging necklaces were preordered from nearby resort for a convension-assembly given to arriving participants. These were made of coconut and sea shells. It was surprisingly elegant and cheap at Php 25.00 each.

For anyone who has a seminar or assembly coming up, this is an ingenious idea, given as souvenir items to delegates. The name of the participant or group or seminar may also be printed on the necklace. Please feel free to inquire on this number 09198879784 and a bubbly Nang Daisy will be there to accommodate you.


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