Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Reunion '08


The cone heads have reunited for a diabolic scheme: a choice between world domination or total annihilation of species other than our clan. The unanimous decision was WORLD DOMINATION!!!  Beware weaker species. Bow down before the mighty ANDO Clan or you’ll be slaughtered. Mwuuuaaahahahaha!!! 

Of course I’m just exaggerating. Even if we could be capable of such things, we wouldn’t entertain a thought. That would be morbid. In a blink, I could even faint in a sight of blood. hehehe. I’m exaggerating again.

The sinister assembly turned out to be a whole day of beer drinking; videoke bashing; time-to-time greetings and catching-up-on-things. What the heck, it’s our clan’s reunion (by my mother’s side of bloodline). It was held at a beach last May 03 at Dumoy Garden Resort, Davao City. It was Saturday and I have to cut off from work because I wasn’t allowed to take a whole day leave. It was the end of the week and summaries must be submitted to the bosses.

These were the pictures of the joyous event taken by my niece. I failed to bring my cam, my sis borrowed it for their Bishop Reagan hospital’s beach outing.
A per family introduction of sort but it looks like they were dancing to the “kagat-labi” song by the naughty Joey de Leon.
     These are my Aunts with cousins at the background. My mom was out there
Cousins having their small grouping even if the program at the function hall was still on-going. They rented 3 cottages for those who decide to take on an overnight stay.

This was just our 2nd grand reunion, the first was in San Miguel, Compostela which, because I was recuperating from my broken leg, I wasn’t able to come. The clan tree was still not completed. The folks were still on the stage of tracing the ancestors and descendants. I somehow posted this entry for the purpose of calling on someone of the same family name or on someone who happens to know anybody of the said surname, please feel free to message me here. I still believe in the theory of 6 degree of separation or it could be lesser than that especially with the widespread internet use.

I actually wore the t-shirt (the one above) at work and someone of the other company’s employee approached me and asked if ever I’m connected with Ando Construction that contracted the Singapore embassy building in Manila. How I wish I am but as I said we are still on the process of tracing our roots. Googling Ando led me to Japanese prominent people; there’s a famous architect; an instant noodle inventor and in medieval Japanwas part of a Samurai family. If the latter is true, then we could be family of warriors. Haya!!!

Next year’s reunion will be in Mati, Davao Oriental.

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