Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sakay na!

A misquoted saying that became a joke, “ang di lumingon sa pinanggalingan…” is rephrased and became “ ang di sumakay, di makakarating sa paroroonan”. On my trip, the typical Pinoy rides were my reliable companions (I have to pay for it of course). I listed the top 5 vessels and vehicles of my recent Northern Mindanao trip.


Yes it is King Long and not King Kong. And yes, as a metaphor to the giant beast this is huge and could simply pass through as the luxurious grand transport in this part of the hi-way. The air conditioning is on superb condition, well for now I guess. And it can easily be manually controlled unlike the old traditional air-con buses where air outlets all busted. Just be sure to bring along jackets for those traveling a long trip. Among its commendable features are, two flat screen monitors, good audio system, per seat lighting fixtures and the seat can automatically recline and decline according to your body position and pressure - Now that’s total comfort.


Ferry boats are the only connection of camiguin island to the great Mindanao island in Balingwan port. The voyage will took approximately 1 hour in or out of the island.  Aside from passengers, this can carry vehicles as big as buses. The next ferry boat ride I took was smaller, on my way to Magallanes from Butuan, cruising Agusan river.

  A picture inside the ferry with passengers and life vests on the ceiling. Believe me; we were driven by a foot.


A camiguin traveler that we had a chat inside the ferry suggested to us to commision a motorella at the port of Benoni
as our transport to Ardent hot spring resort. I replied “motorola?” obviously I’m referring to the cellular phone brand. Of course I’m wrong. Motorella is a tricycle with the motorcycle on the middle-front of the vehicle. excluding the driver this can carry 8 passengers.


Here is a great view of camigiun coastline from inside the motorella.

Karetelas still exist in Iligan City but to limited routes. The karetela I rode was plying around Palao public market. I noticed that its frequent commuters were people with large bundles of marketed goods. I swear, this is fun. Horses were side by side with jeeps and trucks. (it’s a good thing I didn’t saw poops on the road).


others rides: jeepney and tricyle in Marawi, sikad in balingwan, habalhabal in camiguin and linamon.


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