Friday, March 21, 2008

Mystique Camiguin Island


My beginners luck was short lived. On our first destination, Camiguin Island, the weather is not cooperating. We were greeted with thick dark clouds that in any time lose grip and precipitate. Despite that the Island was still lush in green and inviting.  Mount Hibok-hibok just falls silent and dormant at the back ground.


At the foot of the thickly forested mountains lay humble vulnerable shanties at the port of Benoni, Camiguin
Island. I just wonder how it survived heavy blows of strong winds.


The morning after we arrived at Ardent Hot Spring Resort (run by the local government), rain was still heavily pouring. See the blurry picture of pink highlighted pavements and stairs (which led you to the series of hot spring pools); my hands were shaking maybe because of the very cold morning air.

We just content ourselves with the small pool at a temperature just a degree above our body’s normal heat. The bigger pools were brown with sediments scoured from the strong currents caused by continued rain.

We consulted the locals on the rain, they estimated that the bad weather will last for weeks. This is how the island behaves at this time of the year. There were aslo reports of flashfloods on parts of Mambajao. So we cancelled the Island tour and decided to proceed to Iligan that day.

What I have missed, the Enigmata tree house (which the Davao’s Kublai helped built), the sunken cemetery and Catarman church ruins, and the constantly changing white island sandbar positions in Mambajao. Maybe on my next visit of the
Island, I will going to experience all these. There is definitely a next visit and I will be checking on the weather this time.

This is an islet with a grotto on top which I mistaken as the Camiguin Islands as seen on the bus going to Balingwan port.


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