Monday, March 24, 2008

Iligan’s grandeur

We just passed by Cagayan de Oro City because I’m not planning to stay here. It’s not that the place has not much to offer, I just thought that it has another trip of its own. 

Colleagues assigned in Talakag had positive words on the city’s fun and wild night life. And a friend who tried the whitewater raftering here, sort of lobbied -like-a-politician, that I must experience this aqua adventure. If given enough time, I could have considered the suggestion. Though, a walk-in enthusiast has a very slim chance of getting into the ride because it needs a team of six before going to rafting. So you need to have a reservation first and then convince your 5 friends to complete the team. Another attraction is Monigue Cave which is “the” place for spelunking.

What I only loathed here is the separate terminals for east and west bound travelers, and it is separated way, way apart. You have to take a 10 minutes drive to get to another terminal (bound for Iligan). Maybe I’m not used to this (Davao and Tagum City has only one terminal for all directions): the probable reason – to avoid traffic.

Enough of Cagayan de Oro, another Industrial city is Iligan, abundant in great and small water falls. The grandest of them all is the infamous Maria Christiana falls. Sorry for us, we missed the 11 am downpour of her majesty: (this is only open on specific day and time). That was only one we missed, there were more than 20 falls to go (that’s the spirit!).

Next stop was Tinago falls, (hidden in English translation. hmp… let me check my Webster again) deeply hidden in densely forested ravine. We took the Linamon, Lanao del Norte route instead of the maze park in Timoga, Iligan because the downhill entry here is not too steep (favorable for me and Tungkod & Hotshot) compared to Maze’s.

Feast on these snapshots of Tinago falls.
Upon arriving here, I fell silent for 10 minutes, looking mesmerized at the entire scene.
This seems plain and ordinary. But take it from me; you’ll be drench in sweat when you get to the top, 436 steps to go. (Kaya ko ‘to!).
Treats along the way down.

Loggers’ delight (Maglalaway sila nito). Having this photo and taking my attention away from the falls, Im surprised that there were actually plenty of butterflies navigating the area.
A closer look. Behave… they are watching.
We are all too familiar with the blue sea, right? Then blue sky reflection no more, the water is green because of the vegetation around.
Tinago falls curtain.
Lifejackets for those who wanted to dip in the icy-water under the falls. Even experienced swimmers are not allowed to swim without this. Leg cramps are common here.
Thick foliage overhead the falls.
Just when we were about to take off because all of the other tourist were gone, a daughter of the caretaker comfortably positioned at the bridge, can’t seem to get enough of the scene even if she have seen this a thousand times. The operative word is MESMIRIZED!

My take… (Click on the image to enlarge)
Maupa_gani_abot_pose_dayon_1 Small_time_falls_lang_to_1 I_bloody_made_it_1 Spot_tungkod_from_the_pic_2


Another cool destination is the cold spring resorts in Timoga. Yeah right, my resort if it only has the letter N. You’ll pass by these resorts on your way to Tinago falls. There were a handful of resorts here but we preferred Mimars.
      My_resort  Slide_na  Litson_na
      The_bamboo_the_creek_and_the_ogre  Arms_wide_open  Ogre_post_before_the_dive
Iligan City hall is seated on top of a hill, bringing a full view of the city and the bay. Very appropriate for the one on the seat of government, having the panoramic view of the land he governs. Pretty dramatic…umh… symbolic I mean.

     Iligan_city_hall_1  Iligan_city_halls_vantage_point  Winner
picture collage.
Next stop will be MARAWI.   

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