Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kadayawan '08

This was my first Kadayawan sa Davao’s indak-indak sa kadalanan participation and it’s a blast, as a photographer and not as a street dancer of course. The weeklong celebration was a grand array of Davao City’s diversed cultures and showcasing them as the selling point of the festivity. One can expect vivid displays of colors with the red, yellow and blue as it is the indigenous peoples dominant colors.

I joined the photo contest to get a different perspective in enjoying the activities of Kadayawan (and of course the prizes in store), capturing the festival’s sights and people at their astonishing visual splendors.

I only took photos of the indak-indak because during the weekdays of Kadayawan I went to Manila. The street dancing was on Saturday, my only unbooked day because on Sunday when the float parade happened, me and my officemates went to Okbot cave in Kapalong, Davao del Norte. My sched was really jam-packed and wished it was evenly distributed on weeks where I didn’t have travels, but I guess some things were beyond our control.
 Straight from my Friday work in Panabo where I was on evening shift, I went to the Saturday’s indak-indak with barely an ounce of sleep. Thanks to my office buddy, Mike “ friendster’s rising star”, who resides in Davao accompanied me to my photo shoot. Actually we alternated in taking photos. To my surprise, with a short acquaintance with my DLSR camera, he went his way snapping amazing pictures.

Thanks to getorade and Manong’s buko juice, I was hydrated from the river of sweat pouring out my body with the scorching heat of Kadayawan’s afternoon sun. My t-shirt was soaking wet and I changed on breaks, because of the intense heat and the running. I have to run even I’m limping because most of the street dancers were also running while some paused and strutted their short contest demo pieces.

The participants were mostly children, probably from the elementary schools in the metro. I could not believe with their slender fragile bodies could stand the intense heat. There was this contingent which paraded on barefoot. I could saw on their faces the excruciating pain, onlooker’s just murmured in disgust.

These were the fun and colors of Kadayawan ‘08.

Street dancers in action.

 Kadayawan beauty. 

A short lumad war dance with expectators looking keenly. 

 such fragile body.

 Agony was written all over the faces of the barefooted children street dancers.

Burning feet.


Kadayawan tight security.

Here are mike’s photos:

Street dancers hat routine.
Close-up shot.

 Photographers from all over the country and abroad were also busy snapping great pictures:

 Filipino photographers

Korean photographers

Police and Task Force Davao were securing the lines to keep the expectators from flocking the streets. And because I have a camera I got the privilege to go in the middle of the parade with all access. Mike even sat together with the street dancing judges at the end-point of the parade at City hall drive.

Here’s our fun filled Kadayawan participation: 


Until the next Kadayawan. Madayaw Dabaw!

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