Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Eden outing

I don’t know if our company’s poster announcement was inviting enough to ignite synapses to relay interest to the brain and reconsider going to the outing this time. Or it’s just me being particular on how it’s been photoshopped. My colleagues surely wouldn’t mind. The detail that touched nerves was the fact that tag-along (wife, children, etc) is to employee’s expense. In this trying time, this is the concern that is highly considered. (note: I’m tempted to post the company poster announcement here but withdrew the motion to the last minute because I failed to ask permission since it a company memo. Besides they would not permit me especially now that I made comment about it).

Still it was a well attended event. Co-workers of different departments or of the same departments but assigned to various locations, were reacquainted. I’m talking here of 10 to 20 to 30 years of working under the same company but have got to see each other mostly only to this special event ( also assemblies, Christmas parties, seminars and awarding ceremonies).  There are people who still remain in our company, saw me as a little child maybe playing naked carelessly under the sun, and now became my co-workers. These are the people   who I looked up to and considered as one of the “elders” which I have high regards with.

I know some people didn’t attend not because of financial or schedule conflict but because of a boycott of sort to the company. A boycott maybe is a strong word. A more sanitized word would be “frustration” - frustrated on how this company’s management has transformed. Gone are the heydays where family members could come to parties free of charge; OTs were not controlled; manpower was adequate; workloads were enough to an employee to work on effectively and efficiently;  working tools were not limited… and the list goes on and on.

All of these were finger pointed to economic reasons: low forex rate (in export industry, high dollar value against the peso is beneficial) ; high operational cost (due to inflation in fuel, inputs, rent, power, and operational supplies prices); increasing manpower cost (having the lion’s share were the top management bosses where it lagged miles away from the rank-and-file workers salaries); stiffer banana war at the production level ( more industry players are mushrooming locally) up  to the market level ( big name suppliers are creating very strong product brand); and losing company ventures( this one is subjective – I’m just toying on most of the employees’ speculations). These are the things that they like us to believe in but half of my brain regress and beg to disagree.

The recent memos I’ve read have an apocalyptic view of the days ahead. Maybe this will be our last outing, if economic status worsens more. Then lets enjoy this while its here. These are the people and the places of the May 18, company outing.

The skyrider zipline that I didn’t got to try on, not out of fear but because I procrastinated again. I actually planned of riding it in the afternoon but we transferred to other location and completely forgot about it when busied with the other programs of the event.
Tents were set up in front of the smaller ziplines where friendly games held.
This is the road leading to the original
Sv300221   Sv300220   Sv300219

An art gallery shop outside Eden Park.
I like the blurred painted wall on the first picture. It gives an illusion of the hanged pictures floating.
Two of my officemates (of the same shift) joined the outing, Cris and Alex. Cris was busy at the tongits area while Alex, who is also a camwhore, became my picture buddy. Here is Alex with an always wacky version of my photo pose.
Copy_of_r_u_coming  Copy_of_sv300260
Copy_of_tarsier  Copy_of_sv300258
Copy_of_sv300267  Copy_of_sv300268
Copy_of_welcome_1  Copy_of_sv300232
Seated at the front during a fifteen minute tour around the forested area of the park. A tour guide was also aboard acquainting visitors to nature. One thing I learned, the whitish color at the bark of trees is an indication that the air around is still not polluted.
A manobo kiosk with replica of the tribe’s items.
A refreshing treats of the tour, creek with boulders of rocks.
A grand version of a manobo house.
Pathway towards the bird sanctuary. Bird cages were scattered all over the place.
A pair of birds which I don’t know what’s it called. If only it could talk…surely not a parrot.
Forget the dogs; the peacocks and peahens stray the park freely.

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